OOTD: Law, Order & A Brand New 'Do

If you spied my post from last Friday, you'll know that I've changed my hair up again! It was time for something new. Just like my style, it's always in transition. I've opted to go completely dye-free, so this is my real hair color, complete with my natural white spot at my right temple.

I've already been playing around with menswear in my wardrobe, but with hair this short, it's easy to feel right at home with a "stolen from the boys" look. But you know me - I almost cringe at the idea of flats. My beloved pair of nude heels have started to get a little grungey, so when I stopped into the Revive Thrift Shop's big shoe sale a couple weekends back and saw these gorgeous French Connection babies, I snapped them right up.

This hat is one of my favorite accessories, but it barely lasted a week in my apartment before my dog managed to get to it. I was lucky in the fact that she didn't damage the outside... but she managed to carefully rip out the beautiful gold silk lining on the inside. I can't even tell you the brand now! This shirt was an amazing thrift find during a "work clothing" spree at Goodwill. It's a bit snug right now, but you know me - griping about how I need to get back into shape, and then I choose to eat another whole pizza in one sitting. Hashtag whoops. 

These photos were snapped by my super talented friend, Allan Crain. You may find more of his work here: http://akcrain.com/

Outfit Details: 
Trench & Heels: Revive Thrift Shop  |  Shirt: Goodwill  |  Jeans: maurices (old)
Hat: Etsy  |  Bag: Thrifted|  Earrings: Upcycled by my Mom  |  Pearls:  Thrifted