Makeup Monday: Julep's Tinted Lip Oil

I admittedly have not been binging on lip products as I used to. My makeup routine has become more and more minimal lately due to incredibly, surprisingly healthy skin. I realized just now that I think I often overcompensated with lipstick or big cateye liner because I felt it might distract from breakouts on my face, but now that my skin has been holding steady in the clear zone for about a month, I'm moving more into fresh, natural looks. I've been using a few lip products over and over again, and one product was graciously gifted to me by my pal Bee! 

I used to have a subscription to Julep's monthly boxes, but I decided that being able to choose my polishes from varying brands might be more exciting to readers who like my mani posts. Bee told me that she'd received a lip product that she wasn't super crazy about due to the color, so she handed it over to me. This lip oil is a fun product, and I've been wearing it a lot over the last week. Because it's sheer, it's great to layer over lip balm for just a pop of color and shine. I learned within the first day or two that this lip oil is more of a humectant and not a moisturizer, however. Humectants are not designed to soften your lips, so if your lips tend to be dry like mine and require lip balm action nearly 24/7, you'd need balm under the Julep Your Lip Addiction oil as well. I'm always willing to work with products I like to best suit me, and applying my beloved Smith’s Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm under the lip oil solves my dry lip problems. 

Have you tried any other lip oils? How do they work for you?