Tune Tuesday: Wild Beasts' "Get My Bang"

I've never been the biggest fan of indie rock, to be perfectly honest. I like what I like, and I either latch onto a group or I don't. One group I sunk my claws into several years ago is Wild Beasts, and indie rock outfit hailing from England. I fell in love with vocalist Hayden Thorpe's ringing falsetto, especially on songs like "All the King's Men" from their sophomore studio album, Two Dancers. His voice meshes so well with that of Tom Fleming's, and I love the juxtaposition of how they sing together. 

When I saw the announcement that Wild Beasts had released a new track and would be dropping an album later this year, I about squealed. I haven't followed them religiously since Two Dancers, and need to catch up on their other two albums before the impending Boy King is released, so I'm a bit behind. I'm highly digging "Get My Bang," with the exception of that strange, quiet midsection of the song. Have you listened to Wild Beasts before? What do you think of the new track?