Mani Monday: Ella+Mila's "Little Plum Dress"

Part of leading a sustainable lifestyle is paying closer attention to even the smallest of details - including what goes into making everyday products. For a while now, I've been more careful about buying nail polish brands that are 3-free and 5-free, which means they exclude dangerous chemicals (Check out this article from Bustle to learn more about that.). But, it's not enough to just try to stay chemical-free. I'm focusing more and more on vegan and cruelty-free products. Throw in the ingredient of the company being founded by a woman, and you've really piqued my interest. Enter Ella + Mila, a brand of polish that local shop Parsimonia carries. Not only does Ella + Mila make it all the way to 7-free, they're also made proudly in the USA.

Part of me always wants to give off a "don't mess with me" vibe, but let's be honest - I don't have much of a bark or a bite, but I like to think I'm sassy. I'm not. I just like moody vibes, especially during darker months. This beautiful deep plum polish is perfect for that. At night, it looks almost black, but during the day, you can tell it's a rich purple hue. 

I have to say I was highly impressed with the quality of this polish! The application is smooth and even, and cleanup around the edges was incredibly easy. I had a handful of people (pun intended) ask me if I'd had this done at a salon. I've gotten fairly good at applying polish over the years, but that is also just a testament to the quality of the product itself.

I'm excited to pick up a new color from Parsimonia as soon as I can. I have to admit that I've been trying to buy other items to take care of myself lately instead of new polishes to feature on the blog. My skin hasn't been the happiest lately, so I've dropped some pretty pennies on new skincare in hopes of treating it more nicely. But, because I know this brand is nearby, I'll have to snatch up a new one soon. 

Polishes Used:
Deep Purple: Ella + Mila's "Little Plum Dress"
Base and Top Coat: Seche Vite